Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Tree of Life

I am the Tree of Life. I stand in the middle of the Garden, where the "rivers of the water of life run." (Rev. 22:1)

I am the Tree of Life. I was not the tallest of trees, nor the leafiest and there was noting attractive about me. In fact I was just "a tender shoot and like a root out of dry ground." (Isaiah 53:2)

I am the Tree of Life. The only fruit I had to offer was the fruit of love & joy, peace & patience, kindness & goodness, faithfulness & gentleness, and self-control. Often I am passed by without even a second look or thought.

I am the Tree of Life. I saw it coming the fall and with the fall curses and death.

I am the Tree of Life. So, I waited and watched and began to grow and deepen my roots. Seasons came and went. Sometimes I got excited cause great Kings would rule, but they too would fall.

I am the Tree of Life. Finally, the day came and I could hear them off in the distance and I knew they were coming for me.

I am the Tree of Life. They stripped me of my bark and leaves. They cut my limbs, they busied my fruit and I stood tall with my roots deeply grounded.

I am the Tree of Life. When they were done I stood there. Sap poured out everywhere covering the ground. I stood there and for a moment darkness covered the earth and the ground shook and I knew, It is finished.

I am the Tree of Life. Anyone who hungers and will come after me will have life eternal.

I am the Tree of Life. I stand on the banks of the river of life where the water flows crystal clear. I now produce twelve kinds of fruit ripe each month. My leaves are for the healing of the nations. Never again will anything be cursed. (Rev. 22:1-2)

This is my first creative writing for a class I am taking called the God Story. We had to read Genesis 1-3 and pick a character and write from their perspective.