Saturday, February 21, 2009

Stepping Stones of Life

Stepping Stones

A stone to raise the feet above the surface of water or mud in walking.
A means of progress or advancement.

"There is a reason for this step
It's building a bigger whole
Keep on in the process
There is purpose for it all"
-Loren Thornburg

I feel as though I am crossing a river. Papa is having me cross this river one step at a time, one stone at a time. You see, I was on the bank in New Haven and He wanted me to leave and cross the river. A river that is bringing healing and wholeness to my heart. A river that is testing me. A river that is taking me deep in Him. A river that is preparing me for His purpose.
So, He had me step out on to the Transit Training stone. A stone that brought me to the end of myself in the corn fields of Madison, WI. From that stone I leaped on to a solid safe stone, HOME! The home stone was a big one and a safe one. Home was place where Papa brought more healing and wholeness to my heart. I kinda wanted to camp there but, when I got to comfortable He placed another stone in my path. A stone that would lead me to the ocean near Tijuana, Mexico. I did not stay on that stone long cause it was a bit unstable. The Tijuana stone brought a bit of testing. I must admit I failed the test a few times, but Papa told me that He had more grace for me then I did for myself. The stone I am on now is a leadership training stone in LA. On this stone I feel as though I am in the deepest part of the river. A place where Papa has wanted me. So, I will camp here a bit and go deep with my first Love and enjoy the deepest part of the river.

When Papa leads me to the next stone I will write more.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The safe place

"I have come to see that we Christians are not called to safety, but we are promised that God will be with us when we are in danger and there is no better place to be than in the hands of God. Perhaps the most dangerous place for a Christian to be is in safety and comfort."
--Shane Claiborne

A friend sent me this quote after I emailed about my time here in Tijuana. One of our staff was walking home at 9:30 at night and got mugged. She should not have been walking alone.

I woke up one morning thinking about the safe places in life and the quote. I was thinking about how I asked for prayers for our safety, when I should have asked for prayers for the violence to end here and this place to become a safe place for all who live and work here.

I am in the hands of God no matter where I am in the world, the red light district of Pune, feeding orphans in South Africa, Starbucks at home, on one of my walks, or in downtown Tijuana prayer walking, etc... When I am in the not so safe places I find myself leaning into the hands of God and depending on the leading of the Holy Spirit.

So, I do ask that you pray for Tijuana, Mexico. The violence here is affecting the poor. It is affecting Homes of Hope. Many teams are not going to come a build houses because of the news reports of the violence. It is sad to me that the enemy is using fear to keep families from receiving homes.

My challenge to myself and others is to remember we are in the hands of God and instead of always praying for our safety, lets pray for the not so safe places God send us to. Let's pray for the violence to end. And may we not give in to the fear of the enemy!!