Friday, February 22, 2008

Every Can Counts!

Every Can Counts!

My nephew, Ty, watched a program about orphans in Africa. He decided to start collecting cans and recycle them to help feed the orphans.

He told me about his plan and I decided to help him. One day we put on our rubber gloves and took off on the quad with black trash bag in hand to collect cans. Our first stop was my cousin's house that is being built. We collected quiet a few cans and then took off for the ditches. Ty was ditch hopping and i was driving the quad. He would throw the cans up and I would empty them and smash them and put them in the bag. Team work!! He grabbed a real muddy dirty nasty can and I told him not to get that one. He told me with all seriousness, "NO, Aunt Kathy, Every can counts!" Man o man did that ever hit me hard. So, because he was right we collected a bucket full of muddy dirty nasty cans along with a half bag of other cans not so dirty. Mostly beer cans. I love that. I thought a lot about what he said. I even had a conversation with a dear friend about "every can counts".

What if we really lived each day like every can counted? Really think about that question!
Could we end poverty?
I think we could end poverty if we lived each day like every can counted. I think no person would ever go hungry.
I know we will always have the poor with us, cause Jesus tell us we will, but they do not have to go hungry.

I can not pass a can with out picking it up. I have even done some trash can diving and ditch diving. The enemy tried to stop me by speaking to my pride and saying what will people think of you, but I remember why and who I am picking up the cans. I pushed my pride aside and continued to dig in the trash, cause "Every Can Counts Aunt Kathy!"
What else might end if we lived like every can counted?
Think about it and let me know.

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Lauren Hunt said...

How sweet. Love the idea. I think we CAN end poverty together. Keep up the great work!