Saturday, February 23, 2008

the Father's Hand

Let the Father's hand land heavy on me as I go through this season to shape me. Let His hands in the messiness of my life - in the brokenness - to make the wholeness of a vessel to be poured out for Him.
This was something I wrote after watching a teacher throw a clay pot and tell the story of the Potter's Process. I cried the whole time, cause I saw myself as that lump of clay.
The past few months of been intense for me and I have had to let the Father into the messiness and brokenness of my past and present. It has been a time of truly forgiving others, the easy part and a time of forgiving myself, the hard part. It has been a time of healing and wholeness. A time of freedom. He is not done yet and at times i feel as though He is still trying to center me so He can began the task of shaping me into the beautiful vessel He wants me to be.
All because He loves me.
the Potter's Process
1. He has a plan and He alone knows what He will give you the capacity to hold.
God's plan.
2. He prepares the clay by working out all the air pockets. If He does not work them all out you will explode in the heat of the firing.
God's grace.
3. He puts the lump of clay on the wheel and has to center it. His hands on the clay holding on applying pressure to center it.
God's presence.
4. He begins to open the clay.
God's emptying.
5. Once the clay is open He can start to form and shape it into a new vessel.
God's forming.
6. The first firing and most important, cause if there is still junk in it it will explode.
God's testing.
7. The second firing and the hottest firing where the process is completed. Now it can be used.
God's glory.

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